Organizers 主办单位

The music at QMUL is an integral part of QMUL, with strong cultural tolerance, constantly providing opportunities to show and experience all kinds of music culture for QMUL student, including classical, jazz, fusion, free improvisation and world music. It presents diversified concerts and lectures every year for everybody, aiming to provide students with excellent and meaningful music practical opportunities, to stimulate the musical innovation of the students.
Chinese Classical Instruments Studio (UK) is Chinese music culture centre, officially supported by Queen Mary University of London. It was founded by Guzheng performer Ms Wu Mengmeng from Central Conservatory of Music (China) in 2017. It adheres to the cultural concept of "innovation and inheritance" and the art attitude of "professionalism and aesthetics", spread Chinese music culture through the performing arts, education, and eastern and western culture exchange and cooperation. Since its establishment, it has been invited to participate in various international music festivals many times. At the same time, the Chinese Classical Instruments Studio has been dedicated to the development of philanthropy and has brought the voice of motherland to overseas Chinese in the UK.
中国民族器乐中心(UK), 是由 Queen Mary University of London 官方支持的中国音乐文化中心。由中国中央音乐学院古筝演奏家吴梦梦女士创立于2017年, 并由英国皇家艺术院院士Professor Paul Max Edlin 任艺术指导, 该中心秉承“创新与传承”的文化理念, “专业与臻美”的艺术态度, 通过演艺、教育及中西文化交流合作, 传播中国音乐文化。自成立至今, 已多次受邀参加各类国际音乐节。同时, 中国民族器乐中心一直致力于慈善事业的发展, 并为英国华人华侨带来祖国的声音。

 Co-organizers 协办单位

The London Confucius Institute is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote Chinese language learning & teaching, and the understanding of the Chinese culture in the United Kingdom. It also endeavours to facilitate research activities in the above areas and to bridge cultural and educational exchanges between Britain and China. Set up under an agreement between Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and SOAS, the London Confucius Institute offers courses and engages in various language and culture courses and activities by drawing upon the expertise and resources from SOAS and the Chinese partner Beijing Foreign Studies University. 
伦敦孔子学院为非营利性公益机构, 以推广中国语言及文化传播为目的, 致力于推动相关领域的研究及促进英中两国间的文化教育交流。 伦敦孔子学院由中国孔子学院总部(国家汉办)与伦敦大学亚非学院签署协议合作建设。伦敦孔子学院借助亚非学院及其办学合作单位北京外国语大学的资源和专长,开设语言课程并开展相关文化活动。  


The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Queen Mary University of London (CSSAQMUL), is a Chinese association officially appointed by the embassy and the university.  As a social, service-oriented, and non-profit organization, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association has already formed a maturely and efficiently connected network. This has been achieved through long-term communication and cooperation with embassies, domestic and foreign governments, universities, enterprises, and other British-Chinese associations. The purpose of CSSAQMUL is to serve students and provide them with a variety of benefits such as accommodation, tourist attractions, shopping, entertainment and more. 
​伦敦玛丽女王大学中国学生学者联谊会,英文全称 Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Queen Mary University of London,简称玛丽女王学联(英文简称CSSAQMUL),是在中华人民共和国驻英国大使馆教育处指导下、注册在 Queen Mary Students' Union 、由使馆和校方双官方指定的华人社团。玛丽女王学联作为联谊性、服务性和非盈利性团体,通过长期与使馆、校方、国内外政府、高校、企业、和其他在英华人协会的沟通与合作,现已形成了成熟且高效的联通网络。玛丽女王学联以服务在校本科、硕士、博士、博士后以及访问学者为宗旨,为各位提供各式餐饮旅游购物娱乐等福利;直接隶属于使馆与校方,为在校华人提供使馆与校方的最新通知公告;也与国内外政府、高校和企业直接对接,组织承办各类人才招聘会和创业投资论坛。


  Supporting Organizations 支持单位

Education Section of the UK Chinese Embassy

UK Research and Development Centre for Chinese Traditional Culture(UKCTC)

Chinese Information and Advice Centre

 Supporting Media 媒体支持